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Comparing European and American Real Oak Flooring

A warm welcome to our very first blog, in which we compare and contrast the differences between European and American real oak flooring.

Comparing American Real Oak Flooring

to European Real Oak Flooring

Solid oak flooring or engineered oak flooring is highly sought-after as one of the most dependable wooden flooring options available on the market, so why not know a little more about the oak flooring beneath your feet!

Not all real oak floors are the same. To the untrained eye European and American Oak may appear very similar but both of these species have distinct characteristics that set them apart from each other, such as natural colour, tone variation, plank length, and distinctive grain patterns.

Species and origin: 

European Oak (Quercus Robur) is native to Europe. It is a temperate wood that grows taller than the average American oak species and is often used for specialty longer length planks. American Oak (Quercus Alba) is predominantly found in the eastern parts of North America and tend to grow shorter and thicker. Both species are known as 'White' Oaks and are durable and strong, with a long standing reputation of longevity. Additionally Ukrainian European oak is considered superior due to the unique soil and climate conditions.


European Oak is darker with a naturally rich golden honey hue, while American Oak is lighter and more yellow in colour with the occasional pinkish hue.

Colour variation:

European Oak has a more even colour tone from board to board than American Oak which can show greater contrasts between lighter and darker shades especially in the grain pattern.

Grain pattern:

European Oak tends to have a more wavy and interesting grain pattern, while American Oak tends to have a large and predominantly straight grain pattern.


European Oak has a higher tannin content and less sapwood which enables it to absorb stains much more consistently than American Oak. As well as this it reacts very well when subjected to reactive stains, fuming and ageing processes.

At Dacha Oak, all our solid oak flooring or engineered oak flooring is made using Ukrainian European Oak due to its beautiful colour, exquisite grain pattern and the versatility of finishing processes it allows.


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