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Any home or business that has oak flooring always creates a lasting impression. Its natural beauty, attractive grain and hard-wearing durability ensure it has a timeless quality way beyond other traditional floor coverings. Indeed, oak flooring actually improves with age as the colour becomes richer if it is cared for well. It has been proven time and again to be a sound investment that can actually add real value to your property.


The abundance and popularity of oak as a decorative material over the centuries means it is readily available in a myriad of styles, grades and dimensions. Above many other hardwoods, oak adapts perfectly to colouring and staining bringing out both the natural beauty of the wood, but also complementing its decorative surroundings. From contemporary clean-cut to antique appearance wood, the look and feel of your home or business can be transformed with oak flooring. 


Dacha Oak is the premier supplier of hardwood solid oak flooring, engineered oak flooring and oak mouldings throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on both the aesthetic beauty and strength of all of our oak products, and we believe our commitment to quality, expertise and service is second to none.

Our friendly team at Dacha Oak are always on hand to answer your queries or help advise on your new project, so please do call us on 01702 528989 today. ​Meantime, the following guide to our oak flooring will help give you a better idea of the different options and services we can offer you.


Types Of Wood

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• Solid Oak – These floorboards are made from one piece of timber and are very much a prize wood. Solid oak floorboards are completely natural and perfect for those wanting the real thing. But this does mean they can shrink in cold conditions and expand when the temperature increases.

• Engineered Oak – This option incorporates multiple layers of other wood bonded to the surface (wear) layer of oak. This method of construction helps eliminate the problems that come with solid oak and is more economical. Engineered oak floorboards come in a wide variety of grades to suit every property or premises, but reduce the possibility of shrinkage and expansion.


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The cost of oak flooring in your home or place of business will depend on how big the area is, as well as the style and type of grade you go for. Then there's additional costs for professional installation.

Here at Dacha Oak, we have a simple and straightforward price list to help you meet your budgets for floorboards, skirting boards and architraves. 


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The installation process for your oak flooring depends on the wood you choose and usually requires specialist tools and techniques, so it is vital you select an experienced and knowledgeable tradesperson, such as a carpenter, to carry out the work. Before engaging anyone, ask to see examples of their previous work installing oak flooring including testimonials and photographs wherever possible to verify their professionalism.

There are many websites where you can find both customer reviews and the contact details of local professional tradespeople that can help you to get a good oak flooring job done.

Dacha Oak's Sustainability Promise

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Sustainability is a big issue at the moment, as we are using up the earth’s natural resources at a fairly rapid rate. But at Dacha Oak, we prioritise good husbandry and eco-friendly initiatives in order for future generations to benefit from beautiful oak trees just like we have. Therefore, for every tree we use to produce our solid and engineered oak floorboards, another one gets planted in its place because we think that this is the right thing to do! This commitment to sustainability is very reassuring for our customers and positions us above other oak floorboard suppliers who may not offer this assurance.

Caring For Your Floor - A Quick Guide

Despite the fact oak flooring is remarkably durable, there are some steps and measures that you should take to make sure it continues to look great.

• Small stones and gravel can scratch or scruff the surface of the oak wood floor, so try and vacuum your floor regularly to avoid this from happening.

• Liquids can easily seep into the grain of the wood, particularly if it does not have a specialist protective finish, so clean up any spills quickly. You should also avoid cleaning or mopping the floor with water, as this can cause damage through shrinkage of the oak flooring planks.

• Some oil-based soaps and waxes may damage your floor, so only using cleaning products the manufacturer recommends is a wise idea.

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For more information about oak flooring and how we can help your project take shape, please do get in touch with the Dacha Oak team today.



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